Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program

Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program

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Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program

The resuscitation quality improvement (RQI) program, developed by the American Heart Association (AHA), is a groundbreaking initiative designed to transform the proficiencies of healthcare professionals in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This evidence-based program leverages state-of-the-art e-learning and hands-on simulations to improve students’ knowledge of resuscitation skills. By integrating psychomotor skill activities, the RQI program ensures that healthcare providers maintain their CPR competencies at peak performance levels to enhance patient outcomes.

The RQI Difference

Our program reimagines the traditional approach to CPR training with an innovative platform designed for convenience and better knowledge retention. Healthcare professionals now have an improved way to ensure resuscitation competencies through frequent simulation-based assessments and learning.

Regular Simulated Proficiency Assessments

RQI participants engage in high-frequency, low-dose simulations that mimic real-life scenarios. This regular hands-on experience reshapes CPR education, fosters quicker reflexes, and fortifies muscle memory to ensure healthcare workers continue to provide quality care when it matters most.

Data-Driven Performance Feedback

The AHA resuscitation quality improvement program is built on a foundation of data analytics. By tracking performance across sessions, healthcare providers receive precise feedback tailored to their improvement needs, equipping them with deep insights into their skills proficiency.

Why Engage in the AHA Resuscitation Quality Improvement Program?

Companies that choose to engage in a resuscitation quality improvement course can foster confidence in healthcare providers when they’re putting their skills and knowledge to use during a resuscitation event. Also, our programs allow for a better understanding of employees’ skill levels. Employees can ensure their skills are continuously strengthened through a class on resuscitation quality. Stay committed to competency; our mission is always to offer continual support to your caregiver endeavors. Our quarterly training ensures the best prepared professionals give life-saving care.

The RQI Advantage

Getting involved in our resuscitation quality improvement program means entering a community dedicated to a higher standard of CPR performance. As the needs of healthcare professionals evolve, so does RQI—our training stays ahead with advancements in resuscitation practices and technologies.
Join the movement that’s setting a new benchmark in CPR training: where every beat, every breath, and every life matters. Embrace expertise, embrace growth, and embrace life with a course that takes you on a journey toward unmatched quality in patient care.

Ready To Transform Resuscitation Outcomes?

Every healthcare provider has a calling to foster and protect life. Our AHA resuscitation quality improvement program offers you the tools, training, and support to answer that call with unmatched efficacy. Join us—let’s elevate the standard of patient care together.

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