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CPR123 delivers industry-leading training and state-of-the-art American Heart Association and AED programs customized for hospitals, clinics, corporations and non-profit groups. Our mission is to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to respond confidently to medical emergencies.

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What is Onsite CPR Training?

The idea that everyone should be CPR certified is nice in theory, but its more difficult to execute in reality.

Onsite CPR training is the solution, bringing certified CPR trainers right to your place of business, minimizing the amount of time employees spend commuting to/from an off-site CPR training class and reducing employee downtime.

Fill out the form to request onsite training at your location or contact our Marketing Director via email at [email protected] or via phone 516-640-5372 ext 1005.

We bring certified CPR and AED training into your workplace:

• It Is more convenient.

• Saves money – particularly in the form of employee travel/meal reimbursement.

• Makes lessons more practical and comfortable, since students are in their “home” environment.

• Makes it easy to facilitate mandatory employee compliance.

• It Saves lives.

Are you in compliance with local, state and federal mandates?

In a perfect world, CPR and AED certification would be a part of the educational norm. And, in fact, several states around the nation are implementing hands-on CPR training as part of their graduation requirements. Until that becomes a nationwide norm, most of us rely on professionals to hold this knowledge for the community.

Many industry and corporate regulatory requirements mandate that employees holding certain professional titles, or who hold certain job responsibilities, have some level of CPR/AED training or certification.


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