The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a BLS Instructor

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a BLS Instructor

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a BLS Instructor

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a BLS Instructor

It’s amazing to think that knowledge is something that one can only gain through the help of another person. Those mentors, teachers, and instructors throughout our lives have bestowed upon us crucial paradigms we utilize to navigate our worlds. That’s why educators have a great weight and responsibility on their shoulders to provide the most comprehensive knowledge they can. If you want to become an educator in the form of a BLS instructor, then you’re in luck—you can use this ultimate guide to achieve just that.

Passion for Teaching

Are you looking into getting your certificate to teach Basic Lifesaving Skills to healthcare providers? If that is the case, then you might wonder what it takes to become one. The first thing you need to become a successful instructor is a passion for teaching others and the education necessary to do so.

The knowledge you are equipping your students with is quite complex and vital to their success as healthcare practitioners. Even though you are teaching Basic Lifesaving Skills, there’s nothing basic about it—these are complicated concepts that can be difficult to comprehend. As such, you must also be able to guide your students with diplomacy, respect, and resilience as you equip them with this essential information.

Get Your BLS Certification

Before you jump to becoming a BLS instructor, you must first learn the basics yourself. You likely already know this, but if it has been two years since receiving your BLS certification, it might be time for a refresher course. BLS certifications are only valid for two years, so you will need to keep track of receiving continual renewals.

It’s incredibly important for your BLS skills and knowledge to remain as fresh in your mind as possible. It’s frightful to imagine, but even a small misstep due to forgetfulness could affect the health outcomes of those you assist.

Basic Lifesaving Skills

What are basic lifesaving skills? These are a widespread set of skills that equip a healthcare provider or civilian with the knowledge of what to do in an emergency medical situation. When we think about the many emergencies that can arise, we can imagine how important it is to have the ability to assist in differing situations.

There is so much to know, and that’s why there are so many lessons. When you take a BLS class, you will learn a plethora of information that will provide you with the usefulness and ability to assist in most medical issues or emergencies. For example, you can learn how to administer CPR, perform the Heimlich maneuver, use an Automated External Defibrillator, provide first aid, and treat several other medical situations.

AHA Course

While the first step in your ultimate guide to becoming a BLS instructor is to attain your BLS certification, there are some caveats to know. You must be careful as to where you choose to get your education. The most important thing you must be aware of is ensuring that your course is an American Heart Association course. Before you begin your search for the best training program, you must know that the American Heart Association does not certify courses from other organizations.

Unfortunately, there are fraudulent courses out there that promise to train you with “AHA Approved,” “AHA Certified,” and “AHA Compliant” materials, but that is not at all true. The best way to ensure an organization has the authority to administer and issue cards is by looking for an AHA “authorized training center” insignia on the site.

Become a BLS Instructor

Once you attain the necessary instruction and education in the discipline you plan to teach to others, you are one step closer to becoming a BLS instructor. Thankfully, it is easier than ever to take a BLS instruction course, as hybrid classes are widely available now. However, as we outlined above, you want to make sure you find an authorized training site you can trust. If you are looking for a trusted AHA Aligned Training Site, then we are the provider for you.

At CPR123, we have BLS instructor courses that teach you the necessary information required to instruct healthcare providers. Once you finish our course, you will be able to teach AHA’s BLS and Heartsaver courses to your students.

What Our Course Covers

Throughout your time in our course, you will learn all the essentials so that you can equip your students with all the necessary information. Our training covers preparing, planning, and instructing for your courses. Moreover, you will be able to supervise written exams, skills testing, and practice sessions for BLS and Heartsaver eLearning courses. We also provide 30 minutes’ worth of broad information regarding the instructing of AHA courses and BLS course-training specifics.

Four Steps

There are four main steps to becoming a BLS instructor. You must first attain acceptance from an AHA training course, then fill out your Instructor Candidate Application. You must have current provider status in the discipline you plan to instruct, being highly proficient in every skill of said discipline. Next, you will successfully complete the Essentials Course for Instructors, which includes the hands-on and online portions. Finally, once you finish the hands-on portion, you will have to undergo monitoring by an instructor for a six-month period as you teach others.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Despite what many people think, instructing is not something that is easy, nor is it something everyone is able to do successfully. We can all recall a teacher in our life who made learning a challenge. However, we can also recall a teacher who made an incredibly positive impact on our education. The role of an instructor is something that we can never underestimate.

As a BLS instructor, you have a serious responsibility resting on your shoulders. It is on you to provide the next wave of healthcare providers with the knowledge they need to do their job correctly. If that is something that excites you and makes you want to rush toward it, then you have what it takes to become a BLS instructor.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a BLS Instructor

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