5 Heart-Pounding Songs To Do CPR To (Besides Stayin’ Alive)

5 Heart-Pounding Songs To Do CPR To (Besides Stayin’ Alive)

5 Heart-Pounding Songs To Do CPR To (Besides Stayin’ Alive)

5 Heart-Pounding Songs To Do CPR To (Besides Stayin’ Alive)

Yes, it’s really a thing—humming “Stayin’ Alive” can help when performing CPR compressions. The idea is that you should give chest compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 beats per minute (BPM), and some songs adhere to this BMP in their tempos. It sounds fun and maybe a little silly, but hearing the right tempo in your head can help as you offer life-saving compressions to someone. Let’s explore further how music helps while performing CPR and five heart-pounding songs to do CPR to.

The Metronome Effect

If you play an instrument, you may have encountered a metronome before. Metronomes help musicians keep the beat while playing. The tool is set to a certain tempo, and the person playing an instrument listens to the clicking sounds that signify a beat over and over.

Just like using a metronome when playing music, hearing a tune in your head can tell you when to give the next compression during CPR. Counting compressions is important, and during the stress of trying to save someone’s life, the song that you have permanently stuck in your head jumps in to help you along.

Music Is Calming

Performing CPR is stressful, whether you are currently in training for certification or received training years ago and regularly help others. The pressure to save a life is like no other.

There is no time to look up your favorite calming music when an emergency strikes. However, hearing a song in your head helps you focus and remain calm, especially if you’ve trained your mind to hear a particular song when it’s time to give CPR.

Songs With the Right BPM

You can search on your own for the right songs to keep in mind while giving CPR, or you can use the following suggestions. As long as the song has 100 to 120 BPM, it should work well as you count compressions.

“Hips Don’t Lie”

If you don’t mind blushing while humming “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira, you’ll get through the beats per minute with ease. It’s a smooth and steady 100 BPM and quickly converts to double time with 200 BPM.

“Eye of the Tiger”

If you choose “Eye of the Tiger,” just remember to sit still and focus on the task at hand rather than be swept away with thoughts of conquering the world. This one is by Survivor, and the pun is intended. It’s a classic and has 108 BPM to keep you on track.

“Work It”

Are you hearing the beat in your head right now? “Work It” has an obvious tempo, and at 102 BPM, it’s perfect to accompany you as you give compressions.

“What’s Going On””

Resist the urge to sing “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye as you give compressions. People may doubt your CPR skills if you ask that question out loud. Just hum it in your head at 203 BPM.

“Just Dance”

“Just Dance” will help you count at 119 BPM and lighten the load with its peppy lyrics and melody. When all else fails, just dance (and perform CPR).

Even as a bystander, you can use these five heart-pounding songs to do CPR to when looking for a way to help. If you can’t perform CPR but happen to be nearby when someone else is, quickly look up one of these tunes and play it for them.

At CPR123, we offer American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED certifications for healthcare providers and non-healthcare providers. Contact us for more information, and let’s get you the certification you need.

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