Gilberte V.

Manhattan, NY

I attended CPR123 with Paramedic American Heart Association Instructor Paul E. Abate a few days ago in Manhattan. I was intrigued by the new approaches to CPR. My motivation to attend (retired CNP, MPH, Ed.D.) was to refresh my skills to possibly assist an individual collapsing in the streets (if this ever happened in my presence). Mr. Abate was absolutely wonderful; a great trainer skillfully mixing the media, his own demonstration, and the practicum. He appropriately referred to the ” CPR book” by indicating the page number. He covered all topics with skill, humor, and live examples based on his experience. He responded to all questions from the audience. Manikins and others were updated from the past and excellent for training. I strongly encourage CPR123 to keep him as a trainer as long as he is interested in training individuals (health and others) who are interested in helping ordinary New Yorkers. Thank you Mr. Abate, for being such a motivational leader. Gilberte V.

F G.

New York, NY

Great experience.

The class moved quicker than others I have taken, but I liked that. It kept things interesting, and I imagine, realistic.

Will definitely re-certify here in two years.

Jasmin G.

Brooklyn, NY

The best CPR and ACLS class I have taken. Material was taught in a way thatvyou actually understand the concepts behind the actions. I will take all my certifications there for now on.

Nelly B.

Manhattan, NY

Dr. B

Great location. Great PALS course. Nemo presented and explained everything thoroughly. Simulation room well equiped. See you in 2 years !!!!

Shoshana K.

Monsey, NY

Took 3 classes here: EKG, ACLS, PALS.

Registering for these classes were easy. Their website is clear and easily navigated.

Terry taught EKG. She is great instructor. Very clear. I came away being very familiar with the different rhythms. Nemo taught the other classes and he was amazing. He kept it interesting and interactive, as well as teaching the content in an organized way. A full day flew by!

The school is clean and up to date.

I am recommending to friends to certify and recertify here.

Toufeeq A.

Brooklyn, NY

I took the ACLS renewal class on Tuesday. Although I was late by half an hour, the instructor was nice enough to let me in. It was one of the best ACLS classes I have ever taken in my past more than 20 years of working in the healthcare field. The instructor was very informative, lively, and I never had a dull moment. Usually, I doze off a little bit during classes when I have to sit in a place for a long time. However, this class was different.The instructor kept every body in the class attentive. The class size was only 8 students and he could address everybody’s queries. I will definitely come back for renewals.

Michael S.

New York, NY

Took the BLS class for health care professionals today and was very impressed. Good mix of didactics and hands-on training with the mannequins. Nemo Reyes is an amazing teacher. I would definitely come back and highly recommend this course.

I C.

Dumont, NJ

Took iv cert and then went back for ACLS cert. Wonderful instructors for both classes. Everybody makes you feel comfortable and you have plenty of time to practice what you have learned. Would recommend this place to anyone! i’m definitely going back when it’s time to renew my BLS and ACLS cards.

Anu G.

Woodside, NY

CPR123 is great, especially, the instructor NEMO, He is very talented and know his stuff very well. I find taking this course with this institute very helpful and would recommend this to all of my coworkers. They are very professional and no nonsense type of people.

Jasmin G.

Brooklyn, NY

I received my ACLS here and I will be sure to return for my PALS. The information is taught in a way you will remember and understand.

Scott D.

Great Neck, NY

This entire program, both online and at the test center was perfect! Highly recommend.

Tamara R.

New York, NY

I chose CPR123 because of its good Yelp reviews, its competitive price (same as Red Cross, etc.) and the wide variety of schedule options. This company completely lived up to its glowing reputation! This is my 3rd CPR certification class, and the teacher and setting were stellar. I went for the BLS for Healthcare Providers, and found the time flew by with our teacher, Nemo’s, energetic coaching, thorough explanations, and engaging stories. He is clearly an active professional in the field, and I found it very helpful to be learning from someone who could stress and explain the very realistic application of what we were learning. I feel prepared to practice what I learned, and like I truly earned the certification!

Dawn M.

Mineola, NY

I took this BLS class for certification for nursing school and learned a lot from Paul in Mineola he was great. Made it fun. Made sure everyone participated and I feel confident when I left there that I could respond to an emergency situation properly. The hands on classroom was great and test was fair an easy to pass if you pay attention.

P.C. M.

Brooklyn, NY

I got my BLS, and my very first ACLS and PALS certification in the past one week. I have Mike as my instructor for all 3 classes. He is great. He made it so easy to understand the class materials, go the point. The case scenario hand-on session is fun and practical. Staffs are nice and efficient. Surely, I will return for certification. Highly recommend this place to whose who need BLS, ACLS and PCLS certification.

Vanessa A.

Jamaica, NY

I took a bls recertification class for work in the Kew gardens location….it was fun easy and quick. it wasn’t your classic boring 8 hr class with videos it was straight to the point which made the test easy to take ….I would recommend my friends and anyone who’s looking for a place…it’s clean and easy to find I don’t remember the instructor’s name but overall the staff was nice I would go back here again. :-)

Monique M.

Wantagh, NY

I needed BLS for healthcare providers for nursing school and I signed up for the course quickly and easily. They give you a small discount for registering in person AND paying cash. I received the certification card as soon as I finished and passed the written test. Our instructor Konrad was great, very entertaining, he made sure we developed muscle memory. He was knowledgeable and used real world scenarios, I would definitely recommend this Mineola location to friends/family and I will be back whenever I need to renew!

Shona G.

Cold Spring, NY

Easy to get to – I took the train from Cold Spring and walked to the Manhattan location from Grand Central in just five minutes, so it is a great venue even if you don’t live in NYC. Everyone was very professional. The course was taught by Mike who was fun and informative and helpful, and the facility is great. The course cost a lot more than the one run at my local community college, HOWEVER it was available sooner and more often, completed in one day instead of two which is brilliant, and they let you rebook and go back to practice any time a course is running for a full two years at no further charge! Without having to take the exam, so you are less stressed and learn more! I don’t know why they don’t make that more of a selling point. It had me sold. I will probably do my PALS and NRP certs with them as well.

Jegra M.

Manhattan, NY

I took BLS in 2012 and ACLS this year, both with Nemo, at the Manhattan location. He is an excellent instructor! I cannot recommend him highly enough. Obviously you cannot learn everything in just a few hours, but he really emphasized the most important points, so I feel more confidant about approaching an emergency situation now (and anyone who lives in NYC knows that the odds of encountering a person who passes out in front of you are pretty high). I also took an I.V. course here this summer, and the instructor of that was also great- she was an R.N. with years of experience and she also happened to be a good teacher. So, I can say that from my experience, they have awesome, highly qualified instructors here at CPR123.

Shawnee P.

Baldwin, NY

I recently took my PALS certification here. Nemo was AMAZING!!! He made learning all the algorithms a cinch! I’ve taken my BLS/ACLS using other providers….nothing compares to my experience with CPR123. When my cert is up with my BLS/ACLS….I plan on doing with CPR123.

Conor M.

Manhattan, NY

I took the ACLS and BLS recertification course at the Manhattan location. Great course. Efficient instruction. Competent instructors. I would definitely consider CPR123 for any ACLS or BLS certification. They are also looking to expand their course directory to offer more certifications. Highly recommended.

Jason D.


I had the privilege to obtain my ACLS training and certification at CPR123. I was very impressed with the knowledge base and expertise on the subject. It wasn’t a large class which allowed for better retention of the information. Ben, the nurse instructor was exemplary. This is where I will go for my BLS/ACLS re-certification. Thank you.

Joe W.

Old Westbury, NY

I’m a new graduate from Nassau Community College nursing school, and I took this course with two other recent graduates (and several other professional health care providers). We had Sam as our instructor, and he was excellent! I was very concerned about the degree of difficulty with the ACLS course, but Sam was able to consolidate the material and teach it very effectively. At the end of the day, we came away with a wealth of knowledge and skills, and the definitive ability to apply it in a critical care setting. Sam knows his stuff, and he has a passion for instruction. His methods work. I can’t emphasize how much practical understanding I came away with after only one day in the classroom! I plan on taking more classes at CPR123 in the near future to further my abilities. I highly recommend CPR123 to anyone seeking to recertify or to simply improve their knowledge base and sharpen their skill set. Thanks Sam!

Shay A.

Wyandanch, NY

I took an ACLS,BLS course here and found it to be amazing! My instructor Nemo was extremely knowledgable. He was fun and promoted a stress free environment. I found it very easy to learn and apply the algorithms and feel very confident in my ability to perform if a code should happen. I plan to take all my future cert classes here. Paying a little more for a relaxed environment is so worth it to me.

Kelly B.


I took PALS here and I have absolutely no complaints. The instructor Sam was very knowledgeable and the class size was small so we got individual attention. I was very well prepared for the test. I would certainly come back here for other certifications.

Sasha W.

New York, NY

I recent got my PALS earlier this month. My instructor was Nemo who is the best ; this was my second encounter with him. I was nervous with PALS because of the dosages and weight based calculation with pediatrics, luckily he teaches it with such grace and energy! I highly recommended CPR 123, I will be back to do my NRP course. Thank you CPR123 for all my hard earn certification.

Terence A.

Baton Rouge, LA

I have been taking PALS courses since the 80′s and this was the best course that I have taken. Sam was a great instructor. I found CPR123 by doing a Google search for courses where the New Orleans Saints were playing away games this year. The course was fantastic. The only down point was that the Jets beat the Saints 2 days later. If only the Saints had won, the trip to NYC would have been perfect!

Cassandra C.

Brooklyn, NY

Many years a physician and this was the best instruction I received for Basic Life Support…Paul, the instructor is very knowledgeable and competent and gets the job done right! Highly recommend this course for Healthcare Professionals.

Jenni M.

Dumont, NJ

I always get anxious and worried whenever there are post tests and skills demonstration in every lecture. Who doesn’t want to get high scores, right? I took ECG & Pharmacology, PALS and ACLS in this training center (Midtown). With all those three classes, I had the best instructor ever Nemo! Rhythm interpretations, different algorithms, appropriate medications and interventions given to stable & unstable patients. Clear explanation of why certain drugs are indicated for this type of rhythm, the proper use of synchronized cardioversion & TCP and we get to role play in situations of Cardiac arrest. And most of all he makes the class alive by putting a little pinch of humor, to keep are bloods pumping and like he always said, keep the class stress free.

Classes are affordable and it’s worth every dollar. I highly recommend this training center.

Annie L.

Brooklyn, NY

Took Initial ACLS class with Nemesio at the Manhattan location. He is an awesome instructor! Provided great real life scenarios and structured the course in a way that really helped me understand the content. I am so glad I took a chance with this company! Will definitely take more classes here in the future. Front desk staff was very nice and location is convenient. 5 stars!

Robert P.

Lewisburg, WV

I have been an ER physician for many years, this hands down was the best ACLS class I have ever taken. So wonderful having an experienced medic teach. Nemo (the instructor) incorporated his vast experience into his lectures. He didn’t veer once from the AHA standards, but provided valuable info and insight to the reality of ACLS. Most of my pts come in with medics having done the brunt of the work. I feel after this class I can better understand how to continue care post EMS. I’ll be back in two years. Thanks Nemo

Khia C.

Brooklyn, NY

I took the initial ACLS course at the Manhattan location and I was very pleased. The staff was great, the course instructor (Nemo) had lots of experience and presented the material in a very clear and easy way. I felt that when I entered I had a very limited knowledge of ACLS but by the time I finished and took the test at the end I passed easily and still remembered the information afterwards!

Annie L.

Brooklyn, NY

Took Initial ACLS class with Nemesio at the Manhattan location. He is an awesome instructor! Provided great real life scenarios and structured the course in a way that really helped me understand the content. I am so glad I took a chance with this company! Will definitely take more classes here in the future. Front desk staff was very nice and location is convenient. 5 stars!

Marilyn N.

Brooklyn, NY

I had let my BLS CPR certification lapse and needed to get recertified. I had previously received my certification with another organization. I believe I was procrastinating getting recertified due to the overwhelming experience I had at the previous class (not a good one); however, I was so pleasantly surprised when I took the BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR course at CPR123 in the Midtown location. Jenny was my instructor and she was wonderful. She really took the time to make sure we all understood all the material. She was a great instructor. Jenny was articulate, patient, non-critical and very supportive. I highly recommend CPR123 to everyone and anyone who needs CPR certification.

Shane D.


I tooks PALS, ACLS, and BLS renewal at the Kew Gardens and Manhattan locations. The staff were great: friendly and receptive. Our instructor, Nemo, was a great instructor. Stress free learning environment with all the algorithms that needed to be covered. I felt he broke it down pretty well to a T. No complicated medical jargon, and although the content was textbook, it was presented so that it was well understood.

I highly recommend taking courses with this group to my colleagues, and to cap it, it was the was the most affordable that I’ve found. I look forward to renewing with them in 2 years.

Lani H.

Bronx, NY

I am a FNP student and was in desperate need of recertification in BCLS before my rotation. CPR 123 was the one place I found not only affordable at 82 dollars per class (book included) but also very accessible in Manhattan. It was near the 4 and D train and very easy to find. The site was clean and sanitary. I’ve been a nurse for over 6 years and have been to quite a few BLS classes and this was the best THUS far!!! . Our instructor was Nemesio Reyes (AKA NEMO), an experienced FDNY EMT/Paramedic. He was AWESOME. Right away he made it a stress free zone and never once made anyone feel intimidated or nervous, if anything he reassured us that he was there to not only teach the necessities of BCLS, but also to make it fun and easy to learn. Great personality and very approachable. His way of teaching is great: short, to the point, and easy to understand. What more can you ask for? During class not only did we do a lot of hands on, we also went through many case scenarios which made it easier to understand and remember. What’s more interesting is that he takes his time to get to know the class. This was smart because this not only creates rapport but also gave him an idea of how he needed to approach the class.

Before we took the exam, we did a quick recall and that was definitely helpful. From one instructor to another, I saw that he was not only passionate about teaching but also very knowledgeable. At the end of the day, you can’t beat that…CPR123 has experience, sincerity, and definitely is very fulfilling. I am coming back to get my ACLS and PALS certification.

Jennifer S.

Bergenfield, NJ

I just started working as an ER Nurse and needed my ACLS/PALS as soon as possible. I searched many sites and none of them offered classes within the next few days. A friend of mine recommended to look up CPR123 online. I did and I was amazed at all the classes they offered. Not only did I get my ACLS/PALS done in less than a week but I also got IV certified within that same week.

Everybody, starting from the person at the front desk to the instructor Sam, was very friendly. Sam knows his stuff and he’ll teach it to you over and over to make sure you get it.

I have been to 2 out of the 3 locations (Queens and Manhattan) and I have had wonderful experiences in both. I will definitely be going back to CPR123 for my re-certifications.

Alyx R.

Chappaqua, NY

Great class. Took ACLS there because it was required before starting residency and the instructor was really nice and quick. We went over all the important stuff and the megacodes were organized and helpful!

Definitely recommend. Plus you can get discount codes from your med school.

Rosie N.

Brooklyn, NY

I completed my ACLS recertification at the Manhattan location. I was skeptical that ACLS could be covered in 1 day but thought that Nemo was a great teacher and presented the content so clearly that…gasp!…it might actually stick. As a current HCP himself that uses ACLS on real patients he was able to emphasize important ACLS points and relate to the class well. He really knows his stuff and you will be learning with your head up rather than stuffed into your book. Entertaining as well with good use of educational tech tools and not too many videos.

The course is fast paced, concise, and megacodes are practiced directly after learning the material rather than grouping them all together at the end of the day or two days. I liked this because it allows for hands-on learning and I find that most health care providers learn this way.

I was impressed overall and will be taking my recerts here from now on.

Emily D.

Brooklyn, NY

CPR 123 was great! With classes everyday and several locations it makes it ready easy to get your certification quickly. Paul was a fantastic instructor! He was efficient and tailored the class to fit our needs. I would definitely go back in the future!

L A.

New Rochelle, NY

I took ACLS and BLS at the midtown office and PALS at the Queens office. I had Nemo as an instructor each time. He was great. He made the day enjoyable and the material less overwhelming by presenting it clearly. He made you feel comfortable and made the time zip by quickly. The algorithms were especially made easier because he went thru them all one by one and made it easy to memorize. I highly recommend CPR123 and recommend making sure that Nemo is teaching the course you want to take.

Alyssa R

Rutland, VT

I recently took an ACLS class through CPR123 and, in comparison to other ACLS classes I have taken, this one was by far the best. Nemo, the instructor, is hands-down one of the best teachers I have had. He made the class, which can be tough, easy to understand, simplified the algorithms, and made sure that everyone was one the same page before moving on. Great class to take and signing up online is simple. All around, 5-stars.

Clarence C.

Long Island City, NY

It’s a simple process for registration. The online training option is a good alternative if you have the discipline to stay on the session. The testing on site is also very straight forward and fast. However, I would not recommend this online option for someone learning CPR for the first time.

William M.

Mount Kisco, NY

I’ve taken and taught a number of ACLS courses. This was the best I’ve seen. Efficient, considerate and interesting teaching by really nice and competent people.

Janet A.

Wantagh, NY

I just took the BLS course for healthcare providers this past Monday at the Mineola location with the instructor named Sam. It was an excellent class, I highly recommend it. Sam was very good, he was clear and has a lot of experience in the healthcare field. We got lots of practice and he made sure we completely understood all the information and could apply it before taking the test. Class started on time, free parking and very convenient location.

Monika C.


I took the BLS course a few days ago in the Mineola location. My instructor’s name was Sam and he was great. He knew his material, knew how to teach and was very entertaining as well. The 3 hour class flew by and I felt that I really learned alot. The location is convenient, free parking is always a plus and it was very affordable. Will be coming back for ACLS because of the caliber of the instructor and the overall professional demeanor of the staff

Stephanie N.

Jamaica, Queens, NY

Just took my CPR class this past Sunday. I will have to say I left there knowing a lot more than when I came in. The instructor is very clear and has alot of personality so it wasn’t too terrible on a Sunday morning at 10am. (He didn’t keep us there until 2pm which also was great) I went to the Kew Gardens location which was convenient since I live in Queens. They give you your card as soon as your done which is perfect for people who need that certification ASAP. I did it because I need it for nursing school and I can honestly say if someone is choking or needs CPR I feel like I’ll know what to do.

Def would recommend this to anyone needing there certification.

Kriti K.

Williston Park, NY

I did ACLS and BLS with them, and they were awesome! The staff is friendly, patient and knowledgeable, and they offer instructive feedback that I found very helpful. I liked that they created a comfortable, stress free environment that allowed me to learn the material. I will definitely be returning to them for re-certifications.

K C.

Brooklyn, NY

I attended this CPR/First-aid class offered at my office. I was an EMT for a short time during college and thought it was important to brush up on basic skills. Paul, the instructor, was awesome! He is certainly an expert in the field and he makes the class fun. I was impressed with the way he interacted with the entire room and kept everyone engaged.

Juliette B.

Manhattan, NY

Affordable, efficient, and knowledgeable. The location and time was convenient and the teacher was excellent.

Daniel S.

Bridgeport, CT

My instructor was Nemo. Hi energy, but he kept the nervousnous to a very low key and was able to enable us to learn easily and absorb an unusually large portion of information and practice skills easily. As a nurse, I thought he was one of the better “nurses” that I have met, an unusually great understanding of how health and health issues are connected to each other. Learned a ton. Very grateful. Highly recommend CPR123 ( aka Health Force Solutions) and Nemo. The back up staff ( Jen and an associate) were great as well. Made everyone feel at home.


Daniel Scheffer

Deb F.

Brightwaters, NY

I took the Heart Saver AED CPR this past Monday. Their office is easy to find and the visitor parking is free. That’s a bonus. It was easy to reserve a seat and then register for the class. They respond quickly. No wait time. I registered 2 days before the class date and was still able to get a seat. The Instructor, Nemo, was very knowledgeable and experienced and made the class fun. I have already recommended CPR123 to my coworkers. Would definitely take a class with them again.

Darisse D.

Astoria, NY

This is a great place to get AHA certified. Sam and Nemo are great. The plastic Models were clean and made the learning process easier. I definitely recommend you check this place out. I went to their Queens branch to re-certify for my ACLS and enjoyed it so much that i went back and took some of their other classes. I definitely recommend the ECG Class.

Mary C.

Franklin Square, NY

Excellent staff,patient, effiicient and very knowledgeable.I have been a RN for over 30 years and have had to obtain my BCLS ACLS many times. Took BCLS here and was very impressed…may very well be the best instruction ever.
Mary Carr RN

C F.

Brooklyn, NY

I took the professional BLS/ACLS course from CPR123 and really felt like they prepared me and helped me understand the concepts. The teachers (Nemo, Ben, and Sam) were fantastic and I feel completely confident in the skills i learned in class.

Thank you CPR123!

Maritza B.

Union City, NJ

If you need your BLS or any other healthcare related certification like ACLS, IV cert, or PALS, I highly recommend this place. The instructor was amazing giving us clear concise information and training. Plenty of hands on making his class interesting and fun. By far the most cost effective place I found and centrally located in the heart of Manhattan so it was easy to get to. Also, you get your certification on the same date. Liked them so much that I will definitively go back when its time to renew.

Long Island R.

Long Island, NY

Took my initial acls class here yesterday. The whole experience was great from registering (which i did on site, to get my book in advance) to the actual exam. My instructor, Nemo, was awesome. He was energetic and knowledgeable which made the day go by faster. The hands on practice “codes” were very effective and made learning easier. Thank you Nemo/CPR123 for a great class.

Rachel R.

Manhattan, NY

I took the PALS course here in June (they switched their name now to CPR 123.) I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was actually a really excellent, high quality course. We had 2 instructors, Sam and Nimo, and they both knew their stuff and knew how to teach it. I highly recommend them.

Amanda A.

Bronx, NY

The BLS class was awesome! The instructor was very good, knew his stuff very well, also did not make the class boring. The customer service was the best I ever dealt with, the staff was very friendly and kind. I definetly reccommend this course to anyone who wants to get there BLS certification!

Lisa B.

San Antonio, TX

George, the instructor, made this fun! His teaching style was unique, but really worked…….I will not dread recert again……thanks…..the facility was clean and easily accessible…..all and all…..good experience!

Sarah F.

San Antonio, TX

The class at cpr123 went great. My Pals was getting ready to expire and cpr123 was more than happy to set up a class for me. My instructor George was a doll. He even took extra time to answer all my questions related to Pediatric needs. The receptionist Gloria was so nice and they even welcomed us with some yummy coffee and baked cookies! Lord knows I needed it :) I will recommend cpr123 to my co-workers as well.

Jason M.

San Antonio, TX

I attended my bls course at cpr123. I have been taking bls classes for years. cpr123 made the class fun and enjoyable. The instructor was very helpful and didn’t waste our time with story telling like other places I have trained with. I will definitely return to cpr123 for my advanced class needs. Thanks guy’s it was great!

Ivanna H.

San Antonio, TX

I really enjoyed my BLS class at CPR123. My Instructor was very helpful and I was able to get my certification for work. The location is great because I work in the heart of the medical center. Thank you Cpr123 you guys are great!

George T.

Schertz, TX

This is the best place to take your BLS classes. The instructors are well informed and they treat you with the up most respect. They also offer all advanced classes for training. ACLS and PALS courses. I encourage all healthcare professionals to take their classes with CPR123! !!!

Miao J.

Flushing, NY

Need a last minute certification for BLS and they were able to accommodate. They are a new company that just started, I only did BLS skills with them, but the instructor was very nice and informative. I saw lots of high tech equipment and the place is very organized and clean…will be doing my advance courses here.

Carisa K.

Elmendorf, TX

Great very knowledgeable instructor who uses several methods of teaching to fit anyone’s learning style! I would Highly Highly Recommend taking your certs or re-certs here!

Peter N.

Schertz, TX

Just completed my ACLS recertification here and could not be more complimentary of the service’s they provide. They really focused on student learning. I will be recommending this facility and instructors to all my peers.

Elizabeth G.

San Antonio, TX

I was so pleased with this service. It was not a busy day for them and I was the only person who had registered for the BLS recertification course at that particular time in the day, but they didn’t ask me to reschedule, which shows a lot of integrity. I had 1:1 time with the instructor and we completed the course in time for me to complete hospital rounds and get home in time for dinner. George was thorough and professional. I’m recommending this company to all of my colleagues dos their certification needs!

Virginia S.

San Antonio, TX

George Templeton is a great instructor with plenty of real world scenarios to make the course interesting and make time fly by. He is very funny and personable with exceptional professional courtesy to all. I highly recommend him as a first choice.

Ilda H.

San Antonio, TX

I just completed BLS, ACLS and PALS certification at CPR123, and I had a great time! I initially signed up to renew my BLS, but after attending the class I was inspired to obtain my ACLS and PALS (all in the same week)! This place is great!! I felt comfortable interacting in class and asking questions. The Director, George Templeton is so pleasant to be around! He kept the courses upbeat and very educational. The staff is great! Their building is clean and comfortable. There is no reusing materials that are ment for one time use. On a scale of 0-10 I give it a 20!

Sally P.

San Antonio, TX

I have been to other Healthcare Providers BLS classes in the past and George Templeton is the best!! He made the class fun and is very knowledgeable in his field. Thanks you George!

From OLD School :)

Travis F.

San Antonio, TX

Great setup, small classes, through instruction. I have done both ACLS and PALS with CPR12 and I will return.

Felecia W.

San Antonio, TX

George was EXCELLENT!!! Made the class fun, non intimidating.

I was the only one in class and he treated me with the utmost respect.

Thank you again


Marcela H.

San Antonio, TX

Thank you for your professionalism in everything.

I will definitely recomend your course to others

Heather R.

Cibolo, TX

Great clean, modern facility! Multiple classrooms, up to date information! George, instructor is very entertaining and experienced. Plenty of learning aids such as mannequins, ambu-bags, advanced airways, and other simulation equipment. Registration was very easy. Small class size, my class had total of 7 people. I highly recommend CPR123!

Rozlyn R.

San Antonio, TX

Any CPR class can be intimidating because of so much important info you’re taking in at once, but the intructuctor was effective in his teaching and kept repeating all the info we needed to retain. The actual place of business is clean and professional which is a huge plus in my book! Very friendly staff, GT is the best! Would highly recommend taking this class for you BLS certification.

Brenda K.

San Antonio, TX

My experience with CPR 123 was awesome. George Templeton was a great instructor with vast years of experience in the field and made the course very interesting. Thank you

Brenda RNC

San Antonio, Texas

Brenda M.

San Antonio, TX

I highly recommend cpr 123 to any one who is needing their certifications immediately!….. Your class and certification is completed in the same day. The facility is clean, equipment is up to standards, the staff is welcoming and most important the Instructor George Templeton is AWESOME! he is professional, helpful, HILARIOUS, he makes the course fun…. I will surely spread the word ;-) Thank you! Blessings!

Brenda ;-)

B G.

Palmhurst, TX

I had the pleasure of attending an ACLS certification course at this location. It went above and beyond my expectations. The equipment and learning materials, including the megacode simulation computer software, used through out the course were amazingly helpful when I was asked to demonstrate the skills I was learning. I would greatly recommend this certification location to all looking to further their spectrum of skills. On a side note, their scheduling is also a great reason to consider them for your certification needs. The availability is convenient, and flexible.

Allison B.

San Antonio, TX

Very informative, the interactive classroom environment makes it easy and fun place to learn.

S C.

Helotes, TX

I took my ACLS class here. George is a fantastic instructor with tons of experience! Great class and everyone should take their CPR, ACLS, PALS etc here!

Lauren P.

University of Texas, Austin, TX

This was my first BLS course and first time learning CPR, and I was a little nervous. The instructor, George, was friendly and helped me feel at ease. Each student got her own mannequin and we rolled through the class at a good pace. George was thorough in his teaching and used his experience to go beyond some of what was mentioned in the AHA video. I would take classes with them again.

Lisa B.

Hurricane, WV

Woohoo! As good as it gets, says it all! George was an awesome instructor for PALS! He presented the material in a very conversational yet informative matter that was easy to follow. He has a knack for making everyone feel as ease and confident in there skills despite their nervousness. Class length was perfect. Not so long that I lost interest yet not too short where I felt cheated. He was thorough and covered all material yet I feel it was time well spent. Would definately take this course again if I’m in the area and highly recommend this course offering.

Laura T.

San Antonio, TX

I took the PALS provider course today for the first time in many years. George Templeton was the instructor. I had taken ACLS in the past with George. George is extremely knowledgeable and has many yrs experience in various fields. He’s an excellent instructor. Not only does he know his material but…he also speaks from experience, which I, personally, found interesting and helpful. George is a very sincere, personable, professional instructor who makes you feel at ease. One can tell, after being in his class, that he loves what he does and is very dedicated. He’s not there to intimidate but…to educate in a very relaxed, personable way. Unfortunately, in the past when I’ve taken ACLS classes, some of the instructors were intimidating and unforgiving and…it shouldn’t be that way.

I highly recommend CPR123 to anyone who needs provider classes or re-cert in BLS, PALS, ACLS, etc. You won’t be disappointed!

In Sept. I need to re-cert for ACLS and I’ll be signing up again with George!

Laura T.

Edward C.

San Antonio, TX

CPR123 best ACLS recert I’ve attended. George kept us on track and took stress out. Awesome job!!!!!

Jeanine W.

San Antonio, TX

Great place for all your healthcAre certifications such as CPR and ACLS.
Passed BLS test; getting ready for ACLS

Sharon O.

San Antonio, TX

I just finished my pals course at cpr123. The instructor was great. They made the class fun too. I always dread going to training but this time it was fun. The instructor said that they were under construction but by the looks of it you would never know it. I will come back for sure. CPR123 keep up the fabulous work. Merry Christmas

Yeseeka R.

San Antonio, TX

Class was fun, the instructor has a great personality, very professional, it’s one of the best classes I’ve taken. He even provided home made cookies and coffee. Ty George you were awesome

Ck C.

San Antonio, TX

George, u made my day. I’m 18 years in the game and dreaded sitting for an initial certification. I don’t do Pedi but needed PALS certification for an OR position. It was painless and hilariously fun. You would do well at the improv. I’m the sister with the Polish husband. Thanks a million for your mom’s pastries and lunch. Have a Merry Christmas.

Marie B.

San Antonio, TX

I did my acls renewal here, very educational. Relaxed, hands on learning environment. Prefer this live, instructor taught, education to the online course!

Nina M.

East Elmhurst, NY

I got my Certification at CPR123. I was very happy to study there, instructors are very informative and professional. Now I can be assisting patron with confidence in various situations. I recommend CPR123 to anybody who is looking for CPR classes.